High-Paying Jobs for 19 Year Olds in the Insurance Industry

Man searching for job on laptop.

If you don’t have experience, searching for a good job can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. It can seem like most require too much experience, offer poor compensation, or have few opportunities for advancement.

But once you know where to look, good jobs for 19-year-olds aren’t that hard to come by. There are actually several industries eager to hire motivated young people, even those without previous experience.

Sales Associate

Insurance sales associates are tasked with helping people identify the insurance plan that’s most appropriate for their unique needs. These positions typically require special licensure, but for motivated individuals who seek it, sales associate positions are among the highest paying jobs for 19 year olds without previous job experience.

Adult Education & Literacy Instructor

You don’t need a master’s degree in education in order to find work teaching. Among the best jobs for 19 year olds, you’ll find there’s a steady demand for adult educators who can help prepare people for the GED and helping to improve English literacy. These positions require listening skills, communication skills, and problem solving ability. The starting pay is especially competitive for young people, and teaching experience can be highly transferable to other lines of work.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives are essentially the face of their company, from helping customers solve problems to taking questions or new orders. Like many jobs for 19 year olds with no experience, these positions require strong communication skills, teamwork, and experience using computers. Companies often hire applicants without prior experience in these positions, and working in these roles can provide experience necessary to thrive in a range of career paths.

Call Center Agent

An entry-level call center agent is responsible for handling inbound and outbound calls, taking questions, and directing inquiries to those most appropriate to answer them. Within the insurance industry, there’s a constant need for entry-level hires. The most important skills for these positions include teamwork, communication, and computer literacy, with some additional on the job training.

Web Developer

Web developers are responsible for creating the layout and design of a website, making this career both technical and creative. You’ll need initiative to learn several programming languages like HTML and CSS. But for motivated individuals, these are good jobs for 19 year olds because you can work independently while developing skills that greatly expand your career opportunities. 

Claims Associate

An insurance claims associate has many responsibilities, including appraising claims, examining evidence, performing interviews, and investigating claims. These positions have modest skill requirements for teamwork, attention to detail, and computer literacy, making them some of the most accessible full time jobs for 19 year olds. Starting as a claims associate also allows for many opportunities for advancement into high-paying senior positions.

Home Health Aid

A home health aid is responsible for helping observe and care for a patient, which can include doing everything from monitoring medical conditions to running errands. Organization skills, bedside manner, listening and communication skills can all make you well suited for these positions. While you might not find great opportunities for advancement, you can learn valuable skills while earning a competitive wage.

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