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Already decided that a job in insurance is right for you? Our educational articles offer a plethora of insurance career advice for undergraduate students. Our tips will help both business students and those undecided in their major work towards getting the ideal job in the industry.

Not sure yet about your career path? You’ll still found our articles helpful in navigating the landscape of college and your journey towards finding your niche.

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Advice for Freshman Year

For most, freshman year is their first time away from home. Getting adjusted to campus life, much less beginning to consider your ideal career path, can seem daunting. Explore MyPath’s career development tips and advice for freshman college students below.


Freshman Year

Learn How to Pay In-State Tuition Rates at Out-of-State Colleges

The difference between in-state and out-of-state college tuition rates is often astounding.


Where to Major in Business? Colleges That Offer RMI Degrees

Business is easily the most popular undergraduate college major in the United States — 


4 Things to Do as a College Freshman to Guarantee You a Job

Regardless of whether you’re a freshman, a senior or something in-between, there are things you can do now to all but guarantee you’ll get the job

Advice for Sophomore Year

By sophomore year, you’ve probably become a bit more comfortable with college life and may have started to gravitate towards a major. While the working world may still seem far away, know that objects in our future are often closer than they appear.

Whether you’re still undecided or are trying to find out which college majors or degrees will set you up for a successful insurance career, check out our articles for sophomore college students below.


Sophomore Year

This Fraternity Really Loves Risk: Gamma Iota Sigma

Sarah Rumon has a lot of reasons she loves being in the Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS) international business fraternity, like connections to fellow studen


Majoring in Risk Management — What to Expect

“What’s your major?”


5 Reasons Why You Should Become an RMI Major

Deciding on a major is a major decision.

Advice for Junior Year

Congratulations, you’re officially an upperclassmen! You’ve probably chosen a major by now and may have a clearer idea of which type of career you’re looking for. And if not, that’s okay. Explore our articles for career advice for business students, aspiring insurance professionals and the undecided alike below.


Junior Year

Why “Intro to Risk Management and Insurance” Should Be Your Next Core Elective

What’s the one class every undergraduate should take?


6 Tips for a Successful Summer Internship

There’s no question that landing an internship has become a necessary and ideal way to gain professional experience before graduation.


Optimize Your Resume to Land a Risk Management and Insurance Job — Here’s How

The best way to write your resume depends totally on the industry and job you’re targeting. Here’s how to knock a business and insurance resume out of the park.

Advice for Senior Year

Senior year can be one of the toughest for many undergraduate students. The “real world” is just on the horizon and most of your friends are probably frantically trying to find a job or making plans to support themselves after the bubble of college life pops. But remain calm, MyPath’s career advice for college seniors can help ease the transition. Check out our articles below.


Senior Year

From High School to College to Career — Making Big Changes Work

Change is never easy. Even when change is a good thing, there’s still a little part of us that clings to what we had before.


How to Survive and Thrive in Your First 90 Days on the Job

In elementary school, your life revolved around marking periods.

In college, you were judged by the semester.


How to Be the Risk and Insurance Industry’s Rookie of the Year

If you’re just starting a career in the risk and insurance industry, well, first of all, welcome!