• Man searching for job on laptop.

    High-Paying Jobs for 19 Year Olds in the Insurance Industry

    If you don’t have experience, searching for a good job can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. It can seem like most require too much experience, offer poor compensation, or have few opportunities for advancement.

  • Man creating graphs on iPad.

    Accounting Careers in Insurance

    Every year, thousands of accounting students graduate from college and begin searching for work. The bad news is that standing out in that environment can be tough. But the good news is there are several industries where people with an accounting degree are always in high demand.

  • Woman lying on ground writing resume

    How to Add Skills to a Resume

    What makes a resume great? It depends on the person reading it. Because resumes aren’t just a list of all your skills – they’re a list of the skills most relevant to the reader.

  • Woman studying

    How to Become an Insurance Agent in 4 Steps

    Insurance agents have the important job of helping people who need coverage to find the best plan for their needs. Which makes working as an agent is essentially a special kind of sales position. But unlike most sales positions, insurance agents require licensure to practice.

  • Reaching to shake hands.

    9 High-Paying Careers You Can Get Without a College Degree

    Higher education is one route that can lead you to a high paying job, but it’s just one of many possible routes. With the right motivation and a willingness to learn, you can find a wide variety of high paying jobs without having a college degree.

  • Change

    The Best Second Careers for a Midlife Career Change

    As with any big change, switching careers in the middle of your life can be a daunting prospect. However, regardless of where you are in your life or career, there are a number of careers that can be ideal for a rewarding second act.

  • Hand holding ball with binary code written on it.

    How (and Why) to Become a Data Scientist

    From helping Netflix guess what people will enjoy watching next, to creating safer self-driving cars, data can be made to do wonderful things. But it takes a data scientist to transform big data from meaningless figures to valuable information.

  • Quote by Helen Hayes.

    The Best Entry-Level Jobs for College Grads

    While some industries are restrictive to certain kinds of degrees, others require a diverse range of talent.

  • Attendees at a career fair.

    The 7 Questions You Should Ask at a Job or Career Fair to Make a Good Impression

    Career fairs can be an opportunity to network, learn more about an industry, and gain exposure to companies that interest you. But it’s easy to waste this opportunity if you don’t prepare for it.

  • Communication definition.

    Entry-Level Jobs for Communications Majors & Grads

    Careers with a communications degree can be initially hard to imagine, but they’re not hard to come by because effective communication is an essential component for a variety of jobs. Finding those careers can take some searching since communication degree jobs aren’t always readily apparent.


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