Insurance Careers with Flexible Hours and Schedules

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In an increasingly more connected world, it’s easier than ever to find jobs with flexible hours. Far more jobs can be done remotely, with a compressed workweek, or with similarly less rigid scheduling options. Constantly in need of a wide range of new talent, many of the best jobs with flexible hours can be found in the insurance industry.

Flexible Jobs in the Insurance Industry

There are a number of jobs within the insurance industry that offer some degree of flexible scheduling. Here are some of the top jobs with flexibility for insurance professionals:

Claims Adjuster

There are many types of claims adjusters, specialized to handle auto claims, property claims, medical claims, and other areas of insurance claims. Claims adjusters may need to view damaged properties, or speak to witnesses. Splitting their time between office-work and fieldwork, as well as adapting to client needs, a claims adjuster is a flexible insurance job and can be quite dynamic.

Graphic Designer

A good graphic designer is essential to the presentation of any company. For packaging, online materials, and advertising, graphic designers help to create the figurative face of their company. And like many creative jobs, graphic design work is often lends itself to telecommuting and similar work-from-home opportunities.

Underwriting Consultant

An underwriting consultant offers acumen with respect to the pricing and process analysis of an insurance policy. Consulting data scientists and predictive modelers, they underwrite business processes and then assist in validating those models. Like a claims adjustor, an underwriting consultant may specialize in a particular type of insurance. Because they are involved in deeply analytical work, underwriting consultants are often able to work independently on their own time and is one of the top flexible insurance jobs available.


IT jobs are some of the most common flexible schedule jobs. And IT encompasses a huge range of opportunities, from support technician to systems administrator. On any given day, you might help customers solve technical issues, or oversee database management to help ensure tech driven services can continue harmoniously. Because computers and the internet often figure in heavily into most work environments, IT jobs often offer flexible hours and opportunities to work remotely.

Marketing Associate

Marketing associates work to ensure that a marketing departments runs smoothly. They might manage social media accounts, conduct research to identify new opportunities for customers, or gather and analyze consumer data.

Involved in almost every aspect of marketing, an insurance marketing associate might develop or track budgets, or otherwise carry out the day-to-day challenges of marketing insurance. And because different clients have different needs, this is a career with flexible hours that can be an essential part of being a marketing associate.

Insurance Auditor

An insurance auditor examines the records of insurance holders. Examining tax documents, policy, financial records, and proceeds, they ensure liability laws are followed. Allowing for the most appropriate rates and premiums to be implemented, an insurance auditor plays a critical role in creating options to protect and care for consumers.

Like many of the analytical insurance careers on this list, an insurance auditor is often capable of taking advantage of a highly flexible work schedule.

Data Analysts

Data analysts turn a jumble of complicated numbers into actionable business information. Using their mathematical proficiency and often aided with a handful of programming skills, data analysts have a wealth of information to analyze and explore within the insurance industry.

The job requires communication skills, a little creativity, and great attention to detail, there are huge opportunities within the field of insurance data analysis. An insurance data analyst is often able to work independently, granting a greater degree of control over your flexible work schedule.

Where to Find Careers with Flexible Hours

The internet opens a world of possibilities to find employment, including many opportunities to find jobs that offer work-life balance. You can search specifically for careers with flexible hours like those listed above by using keywords like “flexible” or “remote.”

But don’t limit yourself to online search. Countless jobs are filled long before they ever become a part of listings. With the help of a few networking tips to help you find a job, meeting the right people can do amazing things for the growth of your career.

Networking is also a great way to get in contact with job recruiters. Attending career fairs, industry events, and otherwise being proactive about putting yourself in contact with recruitment opportunities can be one of the most effective ways to find a job.

Jobs with flexible hours can be found along countless career paths. And with a steady need for a wide range of new talent, an enormous number of these opportunities overlap with the insurance industry. Though it can be difficult to decide on a career path, trying our Career Wizard Tool could help point you in the direction of a flexible job perfect for you.