Finding a Great Work From Home Insurance Job

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Technology has made it possible for many jobs to be done from virtually anywhere. It’s also made it much easier to find real work from home jobs in almost any field -- at least it’s possible, if you know how to look.

By browsing through a few examples from the insurance industry, you can develop a better sense about the kind of work from home careers that are currently hiring, including many jobs which may have only existed for a couple of years.

Where To Find the Best Work From Home Career

The insurance industry is a great example of a work from home career path because the industry needs a huge range of talent. As a result, it has an equally wide range of work from home positions. Among them, you’ll find careers contained within sales, marketing, data analysis, underwriting, customer service, IT, healthcare, and so on.

Another benefit you may not have noticed is many of these positions don’t necessarily require a background in insurance, nor any special knowledge of the industry. That’s because many of these jobs are composed of highly transferable skill sets. 

Performing the Search

To find work from home career opportunities like these online, search for terms like “telework”, “telecommuting”, “remote” and “work from home.” You also want to search for companies described as distributed, especially companies that are completely distributed or 100% distributed. This indicates the company does not have a main office and that virtually all their employment opportunities are remote.

But don’t restrict your search to the web. Even when it comes to finding telecommuting jobs, it’s a good idea to try using your own personal network. Being local may not be a necessity, but it can be an asset. Employers are often more willing to hire employees for remote positions if they’re located nearby, in case of a theoretical emergency. Reaching out to any insurance agents who work from home for an informational interview can also provide insights to what the job is like and help you strengthen your applications.

Work from home careers have become quite popular, so it’s no longer uncommon to find these types of jobs available at networking events. However, as is the case with any other job, it helps if you’re prepared with a couple professional networking tips for finding a job.

Work From Home Health Insurance Jobs

Work from home health insurance jobs are a great way to enter the insurance industry because an especially large number of the positions don’t require specific training. Like nearly all insurance fields, highly skilled individuals may also have the chance to work from home.

And compared to many other types of work from home career opportunities, there are far more options for employment rather than independent contracting.

For example, Gen Re has been known to hire remote property underwriters and life pricing actuaries. The Hartford Financial Services Group has a steady need for telecommuting nurse case managers, and for marketing analytics experts.

Major providers like American Family Insurance have remote positions for everything from data science engineers to claims adjusters in and around the health industry.

Work From Home Property and Casualty Insurance Jobs

Work from home property and casualty insurance jobs are specialized in protecting some of our most important possessions. Whether required by law or undertaken as a simple precaution, millions of people protect their property with insurance.

Doing so requires the coordinated assistance of auditors, underwriters, analysts, property auditing experts, and many others. It may come as no surprise to hear property-related jobs often have their availability limited by proximity.

For example, The Hanover Insurance Group is a steady source of regionally locked telecomm positions for sales, account underwriters, and claims specialists. USAA hires mobile personnel for virtually all digital markets, including positions for actuaries and data analysts.

Crawford & Company has telecommuting positions for disability benefit specialists, claims examiners, property adjusters, and claims examiners for workers compensation.

Work From Home Auto Insurance Jobs

Work from home auto insurance jobs are really about ensuring people can get where they need to go, even if accident or theft temporarily takes them off the road. To make that happen, the auto industry requires both generalized talent (such as sales agents) and specialized talent (like field auto technical claims adjusters).

Similar to the regional implications of working in property insurance, many of the best work from home auto insurance jobs require traveling.

For example, The Hartford Financial Services Group has a wealth of remote work opportunities, including positions for auto service adjusters and auto field representatives.

Likewise, Auto-Owners Insurance offers telecommuting opportunities for actuaries, claims representatives, underwriters, and many other positions.

Finding a Great Work From Home Position

Work from home insurance careers aren’t suitable for everyone. But for people who can find the right career track, it can be a unique pleasure to make use of your special talents. If you’re not sure which career is most suitable to you, consider checking out MyPath’s Career Wizard Tool.