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Center for Insurance & Risk Management

In 2008, business faculty at UW Oshkosh identified a future need in the insurance & risk management industry. Research indicated that more than 50% of individuals in the insurance & risk management industry plan on retiring by the year 2020. That leaves 400,000 jobs to fill in this industry and a substantial lack of educated talent to fill those roles.

The Center for Insurance & Risk Management was created to address this skills gap. The program officially began with 12 students in 2009 and today has more than 70 UW Oshkosh students involved in the program. Through this program, insurance students are provided with numerous annual scholarships and grants to help attract them as future industry leaders. In addition, every student benefits from an internship and mentorship program to receive hands-on experience needed to be successful after graduation.

The bottom line — we are supplying a steady stream of highly-proficient graduates to an industry in great need of such talent.

The Center for Insurance & Risk Management also provides educational outreach and continuing education opportunities to the local community and the insurance industry.

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