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TechAssure is a consortium of independent insurance agents/brokers who have all demonstrated advanced expertise in managing technology-related risks.


TechAssure Association’s mission is to advance corporate insurance and risk management practices, through our members and sponsors, to ensure the health of innovative firms throughout the world. We deliver knowledge and insight to our members, and the technology industry, that is needed to navigate through their business challenges and enhance their value. Our members are widely-recognized s the thought-leaders in risk management for the technology, life sciences, clean tech, venture capital industries.


TechAssure Association’s vision is that all innovative companies should be connected with insurance brokers who are equally as innovative and specialized as they are. We have members in most major tech-hubs throughout the world and can easily align companies in those areas with a risk management expert nearby. Insurance for technology-related companies is complicated and should be managed only by specialists. And, thanks to TechAssure, they can be.


TechAssure Association is committed to advancing the insurance and risk management practices for the technology, life sciences, clean tech industries, as well as the firms that fund them. Our members work on a local and regional level to impact legislation and business practices that enable innovation. Our members have also been involved in the creation and refinement of many of the insurance coverage forms available in the market. Few brokers can say they helped design the very policies that serve to protect you — TechAssure members can.

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