217 South Tryon St.
NC 28202

Synergy Coverage Solutions is a workers’ compensation specialist that provides unparalleled services and creative solutions to professionally managed employers. By combining flexible product offerings with customized loss prevention and proactive claims management, we reduce the frequency and severity of injuries that occur in the workplace, resulting in a reduction in long term workers’ compensation cost.

Synergy Coverage Solutions is a team-oriented workers’ compensation insurance company, staffed with knowledgeable and experienced personnel in underwriting, claims management, and loss prevention, as well as supporting staff members in billing, collections, sales, and IT.

Internships at Synergy Coverage Solutions

Synergy’s internship opportunities will introduce students to the workers’ compensation insurance industry while providing real-life work experiences throughout the company’s various departments. Interns will have the opportunity to develop professional skills and make a contribution to our company’s future through a variety of projects.

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