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NY 14850-1013
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What Do We Do?

We provide Property and Casualty Insurance for homes and businesses and are represented by independent insurance agents throughout New York State.

Why Local Independent Agents?

Rather than spending hours gathering quotes from various companies, you can make one call to your local independent agent who has the knowledge, training, education, and resources to protect all that matters most to you.

Why Security Mutual Insurance Company?

We will work with your independent local agent to provide the absolute best possible solution for your specific situation.

What Separates Us from Our Competition?

Our phones are still answered by real people with real voices during business hours.

Credit-scoring does not impact our rates.

We insure homes and businesses in Protection Class 10 or greater than five miles away from a fire department and log homes, as long as everything else fits in with our underwriting guidelines.


We are committed to enhancing our reputation as a respected mutual insurance company operated for the benefit of our policyholders and agents. By integrating work and learning, service and reflection, Security Mutual will continue to build an organization where all learn and teach one another in an atmosphere of mutual respect and pursuit of excellence. We are professionals motivated to excel as well as contribute to the success of our company and customers.


Integrating Integrity and Sound Ethical Practices.

An atmosphere of Mutual Respect and pursuit of Excellence.


Exceptional Customer Service using the latest Technologies.

Real People — Real Answers

Sustain a Learning Organization


To provide high quality property casualty insurance products for our agents and policyholders in a prompt, courteous and cost efficient manner.

Acting with integrity and high business ethics, our goal is to provide unparalleled customer satisfaction, and to generate long-term financial stability for the mutual benefit of our agents, policyholders and employees.

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