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MD 21286

For over 125 years, RCM&D has helped organizations throughout the world solve their complex risk management, insurance and employee benefit challenges. We foster a culture that is passionate about working in a collaborative, informed partnership with each organization we serve. To describe our business is to first describe yours; and our success is hinged on the superior outcomes your organization achieves.


Founded in 1885 and ranked among the top privately-held insurance advisory firms in the country, RCM&D provides strategic insurance consulting, risk management and employee benefits services to diverse clients. We employ more than 300 professionals in six locations throughout Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Guided by the principles of our managing owners, RCM&D combines vast experience, specialized expertise and personal attention to deliver solutions individually tailored to each client’s needs.


RCM&D remains dedicated to sustaining a “flat” organization where our people are empowered to act expediently and with purpose on behalf of the client. We are detached from Wall Street; our vitality comes from your street. Our business is dedicated to serving your business.

Working with RCM&D is truly a consultative process of collaboration, understanding, analysis and results. Beholden to no particular product or market, we bring a senior team to each relationship that is client-focused, agile in their discovery and truly vested in your outcomes and success.


We understand your industry, but more importantly, we take the time to learn your specific organization. While we bring innovative ideas, it is critical that we adapt them to your unique business challenges, thus applying them in a way that your organization can use them to drive positive, identifiable impact.

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