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We’ve all heard by now that 25% of the insurance industry is eligible to retire by 2018, leaving thousands of positions vacant. Companies, schools and students have become increasingly aware of the NEED for one another. QGrads is here as the liaison between industry professionals and students nationwide. Hire, train, and retain the next generation of insurance professionals.

Hey Company…Not Convinced?

  • We Understand Millennials — They have more diverse talents and are tech savvy. The students require new techniques to recruit and retain them. Our QGrads recruiters work exclusively with this group, enabling them to fully understand what attracts and motivates the graduates.
  • We’ve Got Connections — QGrads has positioned themselves among 125+ colleges and universities across the nation. Through these relationships, we are able to market to students through career fairs, networking events, and classroom workshops.
  • We’ve Got You Covered — The QGrad team conducts a detailed screening process, consisting of video interviews and skills-based assessments, which will leave you knowing that all of your requirements are met.

Calling All QGrads…They Want You!

  • How’s the Hunt Going? — You’ve got to be tired of submitting resume after resume. Fearing the unknown. Waiting for the response that never comes. Our team has you covered!
  • How’s This for Easy? — With one click, you’re matched with a personal QGrads recruiter, who will mentor you from start to finish.
  • Who Do We Know? — Through our established relationships with national carriers, regional agencies and local brokers, QGrads has a variety of opportunities waiting for you. Whether it’s Marketing & Sales, Risk Management, Claims, or Managed Care your career starts with us.
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