MSC 3FIN, PO Box 30001
Las Cruces
NM 88003-8001

This is a college program offered by the NMSU College of Business Finance Department that allows students to take insurance and risk management courses for college credit. Successful students graduate with a minor in Risk Management and Insurance. Our mission at the Insurance Studies Program is to develop high caliber risk management. Many courses offered are approved to receive waivers for CPCU course credit, given the student gets a “B” or higher in the course. This means that our students can graduate with up to two parts of the CPCU designation completed. We offer classes covering many different aspects of the risk management and insurance industry, including courses like introduction to insurance and risk management, commercial insurance, business risk management, life and health insurance, financial planning, insurance and risk management internship, and insurance and risk management independent study. This allows our students to explore the entire industry and determine which segment they would enjoy most. In addition, the Insurance Studies Program assists students with internship and career placement and reimburses students for successfully passed certification, designation, and licensing exams. We have a large library of study materials that students who wish to take a certification, designation, or licensing exam can check-out free of charge. Many students that are in the program receive scholarships to help offset costs of tuition as well. Last but not least, we are home to the Beta Beta Chapter of Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS), which is the international insurance and risk management fraternity. Through GIS we attract many guest speakers on campus that have extensive experience in the risk management and insurance industry. We currently only offer one class online, but that is anticipated to increase in the future.

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