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The mission of the Katie School is to recruit and develop talent for the risk management and insurance industry in professional occupations, from students graduating from Illinois State University. The Katie School works across disciplines to find solutions for the industry. The Katie School’s certification in leadership and business acumen (KLBA) along with its numerous industry research projects prepares graduates to become industry leaders and solution providers in a complex and rapidly changing environment. The Katie School provides financial and technical support for Gamma Iota Sigma, and the College of Business student Toastmasters club.

Although the Katie School works with students and faculty across the university, it provides substantial financial support to the risk management and insurance, and the actuarial science programs. The Risk Management and Insurance program is one of the largest in the nation, and the actuarial science program is recognized as one of only a handful of Centers of Actuarial Excellence as recognized by the Society of Actuaries. The Katie School works closely with the Professional Sales program at Illinois State University, to help develop sales majors into insurance agents and brokers. The Katie School also works closely with students minoring in financial planning, and business analytics as these are important growth areas for the industry such as. Each year the Katie School provides over $100,000 in scholarships to students across the university who are interested in pursuing a career in risk management and insurance. The Katie School conducts outreach to high school students and helps bring awareness about careers in the industry.

The hallmark of the Katie School is its relationship with industry. The Katie School advisory board provides guidance and resources for the Katie School’s many programs. The Katie School conducts industry research and consulting, provides industry partners with interns, facilitates industry events on campus, secures speakers for campus presentations, supports students taking professional examinations, and helps match students to mentors. The Katie School has created a Hall of Fame for industry leaders and provides awards for Innovation and Leadership in risk management and insurance recognizing individuals, agencies, and companies across the nation who are engaged in activities that are inspiring to the next generation. The Katie School’s professional development programs help industry professionals to stay abreast of changes in the industry, and provide skills and knowledge for industry professionals seeking to move to the next level.

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