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Our mission is to improve insurance literacy in students and attract new talent to the industry.

InVEST, a school-to-work insurance program, teams with high school and college educators to provide a useful insurance curriculum for students. Guest speakers during an InVEST class provide firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to work in the insurance field, and students have a new appreciation for the industry after a hearing a professional speak. With the help of InVEST liaisons (insurance professionals), students have the opportunity for job shadow days, internships or even careers after graduating from InVEST.

InVEST provides all materials necessary to launch your first InVEST program, specifically created to appease the millennial generation, including lesson plans, textbooks, activities and more. Best of all, its totally free.

Opportunities for insurance professionals to interact with students are established by InVEST working with educators and school systems across the country. InVEST volunteers, agency and company representatives work closely with teachers so students get a real-life perspective on the insurance industry. Through field trips, job shadow events and internships, students are able to see and experience firsthand what it is like to be in the insurance world. Through these efforts, InVEST is able to spread the message about insurance and become a resource for educators.

InVEST Benefits the Insurance Industry:

  • Trains work force and brings new talent for carriers, agents and brokers.
  • Reaches a diverse group of employees, such as urban and minority students.
  • Gets insurance professionals involved on a local level.
  • Promotes positive public relations, positioning the industry as a respected liaison between the academic and business worlds.
  • Produces knowledgeable insurance consumers.

With over 60% of our industry retiring in the next seven years, we need to act fast to recruit those voted “Most Likely to Succeed” in the senior superlatives. We can only attract the brightest by intriguing them to enter the industry before they’ve even considered their career path. InVEST can help.

For more information or to find a program near you, head to www.investprogram.org or email us directly at info@investprogram.org

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