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About ICC

Since the day our founders wrote their first insurance policy in 1950, Illinois Casualty Company (ICC) has specialized in providing customized insurance products and aggressive claims defense for customers exclusively in the food and beverage industry. ICC’s value-added, customer-focused service philosophy positions our Company as the premier partner to those in this industry. Service means catering to customers’ needs and expectations, learning to understand their culture, and offering tailored solutions that fulfill their goals. At ICC, customer service is not a Department, it is an attitude. Knowing that customer input is key to keeping ICC on a continuous improvement track, we listen with open, service-oriented minds; are supportive and responsive; and assert great problem-solving skills. Our approach leads to the creation of flexible product solutions that include many options, such as inventive endorsements to enhance insurance protection. ICC is known for providing aggressive liability claims management, while maintaining our reputation of fairness and efficiency.

Looking into the Future

ICC is carefully mapping a progressive growth path into the future, and the horizon is bright. The framework has been set for the growth of our product line and our services to include many tailored options for those in the food and beverage industry. In addition, we continue on an accelerated course to further educate our personnel and provide them with the resources they need to attain the highest level of professional excellence. Our team is a unified force, focused on leading change and accomplishing results in a dynamic environment. Because our distinctive expertise and leadership is needed beyond our current geographic boundaries, ICC is committed to expanding our domain from Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, and Wisconsin, to states encompassing the Midwest. By broadening our horizons, new alliances will be formed and current affiliations improved. The future is indeed bright, and ICC is devoted to helping all those we serve to realize their full potential.

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