5 Ways to Use Senioritis to Land a Job

In a clip from Spongebob, Patrick crosses off the last item on his to-do list: nothing.

Well, seniors, you did it. After spending most of your years on Earth doing homework, exams and dreadful group projects, you’re almost done with school once and for all.

And, wow, are some of you limping toward that finish line!

Don’t worry. While you’ve been struggling, we’ve been hard at work trying to help you embrace the senior year without falling behind on the whole career thing. Here are a few ways you can turn that senioritis into a prime job hunting opportunity:

1. Congratulations. You front-loaded enough credits so that you can now take fewer classes (one of which may be golf, am I right?). Well, relieve the guilt of not taking a full schedule by using that time to search for jobs. You’ll be productive enough to feel good about yourself without ever having to leave your bed.

2. Can’t bear to read that next chapter when your professor already went over it in class? Spend that time updating your resume, and you’ll be ready to go for your next job application.

3. If not reading that chapter backfired and left you a bit confused, you could probably use some face time with your professors to ask some questions. Bring your prof some coffee and he or she will be more than happy to also discuss your future plans.

4. When you’ve stopped writing assignments down in your calendar, fill up the time you’d normally spend on homework with informational interviews and job hunting. It should count for credit if you’re learning something, right?

5. Instead of mindlessly browsing social media, start following and connecting with thought leaders and experts in your industry of choice. You’ll get great insights and talking points for upcoming interviews.