10 Worst Parts of Applying to Internships That Only College Juniors Appreciate

Hannah (from HBO's Girls) regrets that her circumstances has changed, and she can no longer afford to work for free.

1. You and 500 of your closest classmates all applied for the same seven internship opportunities.

The auditorium scene from Mean Girls where everyone raises their hand.

2. Trying to be unique and classic and trendy and professional all in one application.

In a scene from Legally Blonde, Elle (Reese Witherspoon) touts her pink, scented resume

 Do you think human resources people like sweet pea or brown sugar and cinnamon better?

3. Sending a resume over email and noticing after hitting Send that you forgot to change the job title in your cover letter.

In a scene from Modern Family, Gloria (Sofía Vergara) is stressed that her email was sent.

4. Getting others’ opinions on your “professional attire” for your first interview.

In a clip from The Other Guys, Allen (Will Ferrell) states, "If I put that in my Cosmo fashion app, you would probably get a D-."

5. Trying to talk up all of your work experience even though you’re barely even an experienced student.

In a clip from Parks & Recreation, Tom (Aziz Ansari) states, "I really am amazing."

“Yes, I was the lead researcher and chief strategist,” is essentially code for, “I was the only one who showed up to present the assignment.”

6. Constantly refreshing every electronic device to see whether you got the internship.

A young girl presses a smartphone to her forehead.

You start to become painfully aware of all of the useless emails you get after the 17th time you get excited over what turns out to be spam.

7. Too many people call and text you to ask whether you’ve heard any news about your interviews.

A young woman's T-shirt reads, "dont ask me about my grades or college or job or relationship status or weight actually just dont talk to me okay."

Screening every single call unless you are waiting for takeout to arrive at your door.

8. Hearing classmates talk about their internships and wondering how they got a job when you’ve never seen them in a lecture before today.

In a clip from The Office, Erin (Ellie Kemper) states incredulously, "I don't get it! I'm sorry, I just - I don't get it!"

Should you anonymously email the attendance sheet to their boss?

9. The moment of excitement when you get your first email, followed by the panic over what it says.

Seated in an activity center, a baby is surprised.

Why can’t they just put it in the subject line to save you the stress?

10. Finally getting an offer and being done with this stress (until next semester).

In a clip from 30 Rock, an elated Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) runs out of Jack's (Alec Baldwin) office, pumping her arms in the air.

At least you’ll have something to talk about at the Thanksgiving dinner table.